About Us


The foundation of Jayant group was laid in 1958 by late Shri Jayantilal Maganlal Chahwala. He was an entrepreneur at heart and having learned the business of tea from his father made him visualize the scope of opportunity for it in Navsari, Gujarat. He started his business with an exclusive tea shop in Mota Bazar, Navsari and thereafter there was no looking back. Late Shri Bhimbhai Kikabhai Patel also joined him when the initial bricks were laid out and played a key role in establishing what stands Jayant today.



Shri Jayantilal believed that the key to capturing the hearts of individuals lied in creating a long-lasting relationship in society by delivering a quality product and a complete satisfaction to the customers. The brand has developed with this aim till today.



We have expanded our reach in South Gujarat and this bond of ensuring trust and love for Jayant has even transcended over the country's borders and is exported to parts of USA, Canada & New Zealand.